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This has not been updated since v2.13 (1Apr19), so is a little out of date.
OverviewAn overview containing summary results and processing.
It is displayed in viewSingleTCW for a database on startup.
The TCW has six graphical interfaces:
runASprovides the UniProt and GO information for runSingleTCW
runSingleTCWbuild an annotated database for a single species
runDEadd differential expression (DE) results to the single species database
viewSingleTCWquery and display a single species database
runMultiTCWbuild a multi-species database from single-species databases and perform clusterings
viewMultiTCWquery and display a multi species database
runDE, viewSingleTCW, and viewMultiTCW startup with a TCW database chooser window to select the desired TCW database.
This tour is just a brief overview. The singleTCW UserGuide and multiTCW UserGuide walk the user through the demos, providing more detail. There is no detailed document on the viewSingleTCW and viewMultiTCW, but there are Help pages associated with every view.
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