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Tour: viewSingleTCW
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Tour: viewSingleTCW
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viewSingleTCW provides query and display of the sTCW database built with runSingleTCW. It allows the user to explore all aspects of their data and annotation.

Overview: Displays a complete overview of the input, results and process.

Sequence: The items under this label (on left of image) produces the "Main Table" of sequences.

Sequence Details: From all views, it is possible to drill down to the sequence view.

Basic Queries:
Sequences: Search by seqID or remark.
AnnoDB Hits: Search by hitID, taxonomy, e-value, etc.
GO Annotation: Search by GO term, term_type, etc.
➤Search: Search an user supplied sequence against the sequences in the database or an external database..

Similar Sequence Pairs: The items under this label produces a table of similar pairs of sequences.

The initial viewSingleTCW display.
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