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viewMultiTCW - View and Query Multiple Species
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viewMultiTCW displays information from a multiTCW (mTCW) database, which was created by one or more singleTCW (sTCW) databases with runMultiTCW.

Overview Panel

Overview: Overview is a link to the file of the full overview, where the first part is shown on the right. This mTCW database has 3 input sTCWdbs and 4 different types of clusters.

Explain describes how the statistics were computed.

Find Hits allows a sequence to be searched against the database sequences, or a selected database.

Filters: Provides filters for the four types of tables: clusters, pairs, sequences and hits.

Samples: The tables can be very big, so the bottom four tabs provide Sample tables of just a few 1000 entries.

Table Columns

All four tables have the following at the bottom of their table:
  1. The Select Column panel displays all possible columns.
  2. Mousing over a column name describes it in the lower left corner.
  3. Selecting or deselecting a column name immediately shows or removes the column from the table.
  4. The columns can be sorted and moved around.


All tables have Table... drop-down, which allows exporting the table, the sequence of the table, etc.

All tables have a Show Column Stats option to display summary statistics for the rows and numeric columns of the displayed table, as illustrated below for the Pairs table.

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