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TCW - Transcription Computational Workbench
TCW provides analysis and query for sequences (transcriptome, proteome), and comparison of species sequences. TCW uses Java, mySQL, optionally R, and various External packages. It has been tested on Linux and Mac.

  The latest release (post-v4.0.1) is available from the Github links below.

Github Download
  TCW_4.tar.gz Executables, demos, external packages, R scripts
Github Documentation
  TCW Main page
  Summary Inputs, outputs and processing
  Docs Documentation pages
  v4.0.1 Last release on AGCoL
C. Soderlund (2022) Transcriptome computational workbench (TCW): analysis of single and comparative transcriptomes. BioRxiv
C. Soderlund, W. Nelson, M. Willer and D. Gang. (2013) TCW: Transcriptome Computational Workbench. PLoS ONE
All upgrades starting with TCW v1.3 have been developed by CAS without funding.
This project was funded in part by National Science Foundation grant IOS-1044821.
NSF Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
Single Table of Sequences
Figure 1: viewSingleTCW - sequence table
Sequence frame view
Figure 2: TCW computed ORF.
Alignment of two sequences
Figure 3: viewMultiTCW - alignment
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