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viewSingleTCW - View and Query Single Species
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Decimal Display | Find Hits | Results
viewSingleTCW provides query and display of the sTCW database built with runSingleTCW. It allows the user to explore all aspects of their data and annotation.

Overview: The top part of the Overview is shown on the right and can be scrolled to view the entire page.

Reproduce describes how the statistics were computed and Overview shows the HTML of the overview on the right.

Decimal Display allows the formatting of decimal numbers to be changed (View).

Find Hits allows a sequence to be searched against the mTCWdb sequences or a selected database (View).

Results provides a table of all results along with the query (View).

The items under this label produces a table of sequences.

Basic Queries
Sequences: Query on seqID, origID, and remarks.
AnnoDB Hits: Query on the seq-hit properties.
GO Annotation: Query on the GO properties.

The initial viewSingleTCW display.
Similar Pairs: The items under this label produces a Pairs table of similar sequences.

Decimal Display

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Find Hits

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