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viewSingleTCW - View and Query Single Species
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GO Annotations
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The contents of this panel will depend on how the database was built with runSingleTCW:

  • This panel will exist only if UniProt databases were used in annotation.
  • The Slim option will exist only if a GO_slim set was selected (not available in this sTCWdb).
  • The Enrich: row of options will exist only if GOseq has been been run (see runDE).

GO Terms may be assigned to a hit ID, or it may inherit a hit ID; see GO Help for details and All GO View.

In following image shows the enriched GOs for Rz (Rhizome) compared to Root (Ro), Stem (St) and Old leaf (Ol) at a p-value of 0.001. The #Seqs are the counts of DE (p-value<0.05) sequences for the respective GO.

The decimal number display can be changed with Decimal Display (the above display uses color scheme #1 for the p-values).


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The The 27 evidence codes are groups into 6 Evidence categories, which are defined on the Info popup. They can be filtered on by setting them in the Evidence panel (not shown).

Show and Export

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Show... has multiple options as shown on the right. Below are some examples.

The Export... beside it has the exact same option, where the results will be written to file, with a choice of All info or IDs only.

Table... has multiple options as shown on the right.

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