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Contributions to FPC

  • The Sulston score is from the original ContigC program (the pure sulston is the original).
  • R. Mott designed the equation 2 (see Configure window).
  • Ian Longden coded much of the initial graphics - CAS re-wrote most of it.
  • Ken McDonald at the GSC developed the Size Calculation.
  • Fred Engler and Jamie Hatfield installed the new aceDB graphics library.
  • Steven Ness developed the distributed implementation of the NxN comparisons for the assembly algorithm.
    Fred Engler and Jamie Hatfield integrated into the latest FPC release, Guarav Gupta tested in FPC V7.2
  • Fred Engler developed the BSS, MTP, new contig display and many other FPC post-V6 features.
  • Will Nelson added BLAT to FPC-BSS. He implemented the automatic contig merge, the precompute, and made changes to various options for HICF.
  • Scott Pearson wrote the initial new clone edit window and Will Nelson rewrote most of it and debugged it..
  • Gaurav Gupta implemented the shared memory NxN comparisons for the assembly algorithm.
  • Jaikumar Ganesh implemented the parallel N tries and Ends-->Ends for V8.
  • Martin Pokorny implemented the upgrades to BSS and bug fixes to MTP for V8.
  • Will Nelson and Jingmei Yang implemented the upgrades to BSS and MTP for V8.5.

Other Contributions

  • Jamie Hatfield developed the ESD/FSD.
  • Steve Blundy developed the WebFPC. Jayesh Sharma has updated V2.1.
  • Luke DeLorme developed the WebChrom.
  • Jayesh Sharma developed WebBSS and WebFP (fingerprint comparator).
  • Guarav Gupta developed bioPerl with much aid from Jamie Hatfield. Vishal Pampanwar developed the configuration files for GMOD and Guarav developed the addition CGI scripts.



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