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   The Soderlund lab is part of the BIO5 Institute at the University of Arizona
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  TCW  Transcriptome computational workbench
Build and query an annotated database with gene ontology and differential expression. Build and query a comparative transcriptome database.
Available at Github
  SyMAP  Synteny mapping and analysis program
Compute the synteny between two sequences genomes or a sequenced genome and FPC map. Query and view two or more genomes at a time.
Available at Github
  AW  Allele Workbench for allele-specific expression
A pipeline to compute heterozygous SNPs from RNAseq data. Compute Allele Imbalance (AI). Query and view the results.
Available at Github
  FPC  FingerPrinted Contigs for building physical maps
Compute a physical map from restriction fragments. Query and view the resulting contigs.
    Supported websites
  Heterosis  Allele Specific Expression of SNPs for mouse hybrids
  Maize FL cDNA's  27,455 Full Length cDNA's
   Supported by
University of Arizona
National Science Foundation
United States Department of Agriculture
TCW: Comparative Transcriptome viewSingleTCW
SyMAP: Synteny between 3 genomes SyMAP
FPC: Fingerprinted contig with markers FingerPrinted Contigs
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