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  TCW  Transcriptome computational workbench
  SyMAP  Synteny mapping and analysis program
  AW  Allele Workbench for allele-specific expression
  FPC  FingerPrinted Contigs for building physical maps

   Current Projects 2017
  Homoptera  Transcritome analysis of various species
  Heterosis  Allele Specific Expression of SNPs for mouse hybrids

   Previous Projects
  MGOS  Magnaporthe Oryzae Community Database
  Maize FL cDNA's  27,455 Full Length cDNA's
  Maize mini-BACs  Gene-rich sequences aligned to maize BACs
  Kartchner Cavern  Metagenomics of various regions of the cave

   PAVE(cgi)-TCW(java) - transcriptome analysis projects
  PAVE: Basil | Ginger-Turmeric | Cotton | Maize | Trichomes | Elm
  TCW:  Psyllids
Supported By: BIO5
University of Arizona
National Science Foundation
United States Department of Agriculture

June 2016
TCW v1.6
Java interface for downloading UniProt taxonomic files and GO database for TCW annotation, plus various interface enhancements.

Feb 2016
TCW v1.4
Option to use super-fast blast-like Diamond or Ublast. Input of locations information. Flexible DE computation. Extensive GO queries.

Other news

Published psyllid TCW comparison.

AW v1.0
Allele Workbench: software for allele-specific expression.

SyMAP v4.2
Major upgrades (see release) and CA signed java applet.

FPC v9.4
Support for sequence-based fingerprints
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