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New greatly improved BSS (August 2007)

Written by
   Original - Friedrich Engler     12/01
   Rewrite - Will Nelson & Cari Soderlund    8/07

The manual and tutorial have been re-written for FPC V8.9 as the BSS has been re-written. The BSS 8.9 is not backwards-compatiable, i.e. old BSS files will not work with the new BSS.

Table of Contents (August 2007)

1. BSS Manual

        1.1. Overview
        1.2. Getting the executable and demo files
        1.3. Input search files
        1.4. Directory Setup
        1.5. Naming the BSS result files
        1.6. Running BSS
        1.7. BSS results window
        1.8. Save, Filter, Add to FPC
        1.9. Summary of Usages

2. Tutorial

        2.1. Searching
        2.2. Filtering and adding to FPC


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