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The Soderlund lab (AGCoL) shut down on August 31st, 2014.

There will be continued customer support for FPC, SyMAP, TCW and AW.

There is continuing development on TCW.

Thanks to Lomax Boyd and the BIO5 Institute, the website will remain active.

Email: cari at

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Soderlund History
2014-Affilite of BIO5 Institute
2002-2014University of Arizona, Research Associate Professor in BIO5 Institute
Early 2000'sClemson University; Associate Professor in Computer Science
Mid 1990'sSanger Center; Research Scientist
Early 1990'sLos Alamos; Human Genome Distinguished Postdoc
Late 1980'sNew Mexico State University; PhD in Computer Science
Early 1980'sBell Labs; Computer Aided Design
Late 1970'sLouisiana State University; MS in System Science
Early 1970'sWestern Michigan University; BA in Psychology