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SyMAP Rosids Synteny v1
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Synteny of two varieties of Arabidopsis (thaliana [1] and lyrata), Vitis vinifera ("common grape vine") [4], Medicago truncatula [2], Glycine max ("soybean") [5], and Populus trichocarpa ("poplar") [6]. These syntenies were computed in the year of 2012.
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SyMAP database
SyMAP nameSpeciesType
A. thalianaArabidopsis thalianasequence
A. lyrataArabidopsis lyratadraft (8 largest scaffolds)
B. RapaBrassica rapa (field mustard)sequence
SoybeanGlycine maxsequence
PoplarPopulus trichocarpa (black cottonwood)sequence
MedicagoMedicago truncatula (barrel medic)sequence
GrapeVitis vinifera (wine grape)sequence
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