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Synteny alignments of the Apple v1.0 [1], Peach v1.0 [2], Strawberry [3] genomes to each other, as well as self-alignments of each. These alignments were done around the year 2012.
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SyMAP database

SyMAP nameSpeciesType
AppleMalus domesticaSequence
PeachPrunus persicaSequence
StrawberryFragaria vescaSequence
Peach v1.0 is in preliminary release under the Fort Lauderdale agreement and may not be used for chromosome-scale published analyses. We are posting this data pursuant to our commitment to support Rosaceae comparative genomics, under USDA NIFA grant #0214643.

Apple v1.0 was not presented as pseudomolecules, due to high heterozygosity [1]; however, chromosome co-ordinates for the contigs were provided, and we used this information to construct approximate pseudomolecules for the purpose of synteny comparison. Based on the discussion of [1], we expect that these pseudomolecules will have errors in the vicinity of hemizygous loci of 1kb or larger, and also that many open reading frames may not be complete. These problems should not disrupt a synteny alignment, although there may be discrepancies with gene annotation in a close-up view of the affected regions.

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