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SyMAP Poaceae Synteny v1
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Aligned maps and sequences of several important cereal grasses: Zea mays ("maize") [1,2], Oryza sativa ("rice") [3,4], Brachypodium distachyon [5], Sorghum bicolor [6], and Foxtail Millet [7]. These syntenies were computed in the year of 2012.

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SyMAP database
SyMAP nameSpeciesType
BrachypodiumBrachypodium distachyonSequence, FPC
MaizeZea mays B73Masked Sequence, FPC
RiceOryza sativa JaponicaSequence
SorghumSorghum bicolor Sorbi1Masked Sequence
Foxtail milletSetaria italicaSequence
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