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SyMAP (Synteny Mapping and Analysis Program) is an automated system for identifying and displaying genome synteny alignments. The genomes may be represented by sequenced chromosomes, by draft sequence contigs, or by FPC physical maps (with BAC-end or marker sequence).


If you use results from this page in a publication or website, please reference: Soderlund, et al. (2011) Nucl. Acids Res. doi:10.1093/nar/gkr123 (link).

Below are agricultural syntenies, which you may view with the SyMAP Java Applet. Or, you may compute your own syntenies with the SyMAP software.

2018 SyMAP synteny
     The sequences and annotations were downloaded from NCBI. These do NOT include self-syntenies at this time.

Poaceae Rice, Maize, Brachypodium, Sorghum.
RosidsArabidopsis, Brassica, Medicago, Soybean, Poplar, Grape


2012 SyMAP synteny from the original
     They all include self-syntenies. Poaceae includes two FPC maps.

PoaceaeRice, Maize, Brachypodium, Sorghum, Foxtail Millet.
RosidsArabidopsis, Brassica, Medicago, Soybean, Poplar, Grape
RosalesApple, Peach, Strawbery

This project is supported by the National Research Initiative of USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, grant #0214643.