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Soybean (Williams Cultivar) FPC Map
Current status:
  • GM_WBc library incorporated (37,658 clones)
  • 564 contig merges performed based on 4x JGI draft sequence
  • 179 contig breaks based on 7x draft

Online Tools:
WebFPC - browse all FPC contigs through Java display
WebBSS - upload and blast sequences against Soybean BAC-end sequences, with results located on FPC map

Additional Resources
Soybean Breeder's Toolbox

Grant Information
Title: VCA SoyMap: An Integrated Map fo Soybean for Resolution and Dissection of
Multiple Genome Duplication Events
NSF: Award #0501877
Main PI: Scott Jackson (Purdue)
Co-PI's: Greg May (National Center for Genome Resources)
William Nelson (University of Arizona)
Randy Shoemaker (Iowa State)
Gary Stacey (University of Missouri)
Rod Wing (University of Arizona)

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