WebAGCoL Package Release Notes  
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WebAGCoL Package V2.3 (24 Jan 12)

  • Bugfix - compatibility with JRE 1.6 caching of gzipped files
  • Bugfix - return correct search result count

WebAGCoL Package V2.2 (Mar 28)

  • (for v2.2) Bug fix to WebBSS
  • Bug fix to WebFPC tool -- WebFPC modules were updated to allow searching for burried clones.
  • Bug fix to WebBSS tool -- the WebBSS does not work with FPC V8 or V8.1. We have released a FPC V8.2 and upgraded this package so they will work correctly together. The BSS function in FPC V8 creates a file of mappings between the FPC clones and the BESs (BSS.pag). This takes awhile the first time the BSS is run in order to create the file, then it is very fast thereafter. This file takes too long to create from a webbrowser, so we have added a script to the WebAGCoL package, called create_besmap.pl, to create it on installation. The script update.sh generated by setup.pl also makes use of create_besmap.pl script while updating the WebAGCoL package with new FPC data.
  • Bug fix to WebBSS tool -- WebBSS was modified to allow sorting on table columns on the results page.
  • Bug fix to WebFCmp tool -- WebFCmp scripts are changed to parse the plate details from the FPC file.

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