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This work was funded by NSF grant #0213764 and by the Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems Grant no. 2001-52100-11292 from the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service.

Latest release: WebAGCoL V2.3 (24 Jan 12)

The WebAGCoL package is a set of four tools: WebFPC displays contigs in a view very similar to the FPC display. WebChrom shows contigs and genetic markers aligned to the chromosome. It also allows the user to view the distribution of markers based on name or remark. WebFCmp allows fingerprint comparisons of a user-selected clone set against the entire FPC database. WebBSS locates a user supplied sequence on an FPC map based on its similarity to sequences associated with other clones in the map.

WebAGCoL Package V2.3 ( Release notes )
WebBSS tool in WebAGCoL V2.3 requires FPC V8.2 or later

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Pampanwar, V., Engler, F., Hatfield, J., Blundy, S., Gupta, G., and Soderlund, C. (2005) FPC web tools for rice, maize and distribution. Plant Physiology 138: 116-126. Download

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