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The TCW package contains everything you need to run TCW. You only would want the source if you need to modify it. The source is not documented, and some of the code is very old and confusing. However, you are welcome to ask questions if you need to modify it, e.g. to add external data.

To obtain a copy of the source code, email:

To build the TCW executable:

  1. Download the TCW package (TCW_2.tar.gz) from the TCW main page.
  2. Download the TCW_2.tar.gz directories from here.
  3. Move them to where you want the TCW directory to be.
  4. tar zxvt TCW_2.tar.gz
  5. tar zxvt
  6. The Makefile is in the /java directory. The top line needs to be edited for MACs.

By obtaining the source code, you agree to the following licensing conditions:

-TCW is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License, and is freely available to all academic and non-profit users.

-Any publication, poster, or presentation that refers to results obtained or displayed using TCW, please reference the following paper, along with the publications for any program you used within the TCW:

               C. Soderlund, W. Nelson, M. Willer, and D. Gang (2013)
                TCW: Transcriptome Computational Workbench PLoS ONE. Link
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