Start Taxonomic UniProt                             20-Dec-21 16:47:15
   Check Directories
      Creating directory: projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021
      Creating directory: projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_fungi/
      Creating directory: projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_plants/
   Check complete
   Download SwissProt files                             20-Dec-21 16:47:15
      Downloading uniprot_sprot_fungi.dat.gz
      curl complete projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_fungi/uniprot_sprot_fungi.dat.gz   0m:10s
      Downloading uniprot_sprot_plants.dat.gz
      curl complete projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_plants/uniprot_sprot_plants.dat.gz   0m:9s
   Complete SwissProt download                                           0m:20s
   Create FASTA files                                   20-Dec-21 16:47:36
      Create SP FASTA from projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_fungi/uniprot_sprot_fungi.dat.gz (Size 52.6Mb)
          35,623 of 35,623 written to uniprot_sprot_fungi.fasta
      Complete SP FASTA file                                             0m:1s  (6Mb)
      Create SP FASTA from projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_plants/uniprot_sprot_plants.dat.gz (Size 53.4Mb)
          43,739 of 43,739 written to uniprot_sprot_plants.fasta
      Complete SP FASTA file                                             0m:1s  (6Mb)
   Complete create files                                                 0m:3s
Complete Taxonomic UniProt                                               0m:23s  (6Mb)

Download Full UniProt                               20-Dec-21 16:48:18
   Check Directories 
   Download SwissProt                                   20-Dec-21 16:48:18
      Creating directory: projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_full/
      Downloading uniprot_sprot.dat.gz
      curl complete projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_full/uniprot_sprot.dat.gz   0m:56s
Complete Full Download                                                   0m:56s

Create Full UniProt Fasta                           20-Dec-21 16:49:19
      Create SP hitID list from selected fasta files
          35,623 IDs in uniprot_sprot_fungi.fasta
          43,739 IDs in uniprot_sprot_plants.fasta
          79,362 sequences will not be written to subset fasta file
      Complete SP hitID list                                             0m:0s
      Create SP FASTA from projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021/sp_full/uniprot_sprot.dat.gz (Size 625.8Mb)
         486,566 of 565,928 written to uniprot_sprot_xxFxxxPxxx.fasta
      Complete SP FASTA file                                             0m:17s  (17Mb)
Complete Full UniProt fasta                                              0m:18s  (7Mb)

Start GO processing go_Dec2021                      20-Dec-21 16:50:36
   UniProt directory: projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021
   GO temporary directory: projects/DBfasta/GO_oboDec2021
      Downloading go-basic.obo
      curl complete projects/DBfasta/GO_oboDec2021/go-basic.obo          0m:2s
         50,757 Total GOs     3,496 Alt GOs    3,472 Obsolete
         32,645 Biological   56,021 is_a       5,417 part_of 
         13,403 Molecular    15,089 is_a          13 part_of 
          4,709 Cellular      5,128 is_a       2,092 part_of 
             14 Slims           225 GOs in Slim
   Complete Load OBO file                                                0m:1s  (19Mb)
   Loading projects/DBfasta/UniProt_Dec2021 to go_Dec2021
      Processing sp_fungi/uniprot_sprot_fungi.dat.gz
           35,623 UniProts   31 Obsolete GOs                             0m:3s  (15Mb)
      Processing sp_plants/uniprot_sprot_plants.dat.gz
           43,739 UniProts   19 Obsolete GOs                             0m:4s  (15Mb)
      Processing sp_full/uniprot_sprot.dat.gz
          486,566 UniProts   74 Obsolete GOs   79,362 Already in GOdb    0m:55s  (15Mb)
         GO: 3,513,268  Pfam: 889,988  KEGG: 554,505  EC: 318,075  InterPro: 2,621,448
   Compute levels
         18,345 Parent-child
        833,504 edges for biological_process; max level 18
         41,061 edges for cellular_component; max level 14
         25,151 edges for molecular_function; max level 12
      Add GO level numbers to term table
   Complete GO Levels                                                    0m:10s  (23Mb)
   Compute ancestors
         50,757 GOs to process ancestors
        658,497 Ancestor paths 
   Complete ancestors                                                    2m:2s  (100Mb)
Complete creating GO database go_Dec2021                                 3m:26s  (100Mb)

Write projects/AnnoDBs_UniProt_Dec2021.cfg
   3 entries written