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TCW Demos
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Demos supplied with TCW package

DescriptionFull View (Java 1) Overview (html)Quick view (cgi/html)
De novo transcripts with expression counts sTCW_demoTra tra tra
Protein sequences with spectra counts sTCW_demoPro pro pro
Assembled illumina transcript and Sanger ESTs sTCW_demoAsm asm asm
compares three transcript databases mTCW_ex ex N/A

1Running the Java applet:

  1. Java Applets ONLY work with Windows Internet Explorer and Mac Safari.
  2. The Java Applet is signed. You will need to have your web permission set to allow signed applets.
  3. The Java Applet takes up to a minute to start up but provides extensive query and display.
  4. The Search and Exports will not work on many systems.
It is preferable to run TCW as a desktop applications, as it is much faster and the Search and Exports work.

Quick view: These scripts are in the TCW packaged (scripts/web), but provide a very limited view.

Visit tour to see what the desktop TCW offers.