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SyMAP - Synteny Mapping and Analysis Program  
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SyMAP (Synteny Mapping and Analysis Program) is a software package for detecting,displaying, and querying syntenic relationships between sequenced chromosomes and/or FPC physical maps. It is designed for medium-to-high divergent eukaryotic genomes (not bacteria). It can align a draft genome to a fully sequenced genome, but not draft-to-draft. It can perform self-synteny.

  • Latest SyMAP release: v5.0.1 (16-Feb-2020) see Release Notes.
  • The SyMAP package includes demo files for synteny computation using fully sequenced chromosomes, draft contig sets, and FPC physical maps.
  • The System Guide provides instructions on the running the demo and creating projects
  • The User Guide explains the interactive displays and Tour provides a visual tour.
  • SyMAP can run as a standalone desktop application or from the web .

  Package v5 - executable and demo
  Source v4.2 - code and package from github
  System Guide
  User Guide
  Release Notes
  SyMAP Tour

This project is supported by the National Research Initiative of USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, grant #0214643.

C. Soderlund, M. Bomhoff, and W. Nelson (2011) SyMAP v3.4: a turnkey synteny system with application to plant genomes Nucleic Acids Research 39(10):e68 Link

C. Soderlund, W. Nelson, A. Shoemaker and A. Paterson (2006) SyMAP: A system for discovering and viewing syntenic regions of FPC maps. Genome Research 16:1159-1168. Link

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