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17-April-2013: PAVE has been renamed to TCW (Transcriptome Computational Workbench) and is available from TCW. It was renamed because it is now a much bigger package including differential expression analysis and transcriptome comparison.

For the lastest release:

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This project is funded in part by National Science Foundation grant IOS-1044821.

PAVE (Program for Assembling and Viewing ESTs) is a software package for assembling, annotating, querying and viewing transcript and expression level data. It was originally written for Sanger ESTs and has been upgraded to support next generation sequencing.

8 Oct 2012 Version 3.6 (see Release Notes for more detail):

  • Manager: this GUI makes it really easy to define the input files and parameters
  • Assembly: (1) assemble read libraries with transcript files, where the transcript files have associated read count files, or (2) load externally generated transcripts and expression data e.g. assembled Illumina contigs
  • Annotation; annotate transcripts from multiple amino acid (e.g. UniProt) or nucleotide databases
  • viewPAVE: query and view alignment of UniProt or Nucleotide hits to a unitran

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The new manager
PAVE assembly with Web interface*
  Asian Citrus Psyllid 454
  Asian Citrus Psyllid Sanger
    *The web interface is not part of the Download.
A Java interface (see images on right) is part of the package.
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C. Soderlund, E. Johnson, M. Bomhoff, and A. Descour. (2009) PAVE: Program for Assembling and Viewing ESTs. BMC Genomics 10:400. Link

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