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This work was funded in part by NSF grant #0321724, NSF grant #0115642, and by the Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems Grant no. 2001-52100-11292 from the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. USDA-IFAFS grant #11180, NSF grant #0321724 and NSF grant #0115642.

The Java GBrowse is a Java Applet-based implementation of the original CGI-based GMOD GBrowse web application developed by GMOD. Although similar to the CGI-based GBrowse application, Java GBrowse has some new functionality, including more search options, and a modified navigation interface. With a few exceptions, Java GBrowse can be used with the same configuration and database as the original CGI-based GBrowse.

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  Installing samples
Links using Java GBrowse
  Demo of samples in Java GBrowse Package
  Maize Browsers

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This project was inspired by the original CGI-based GMOD Generic Genome Browser web application. The volvox example and portions of the configuration guide were taken from the original GMOD GBrowse project.


Stein, L.D., Mungall, C., Shu, S., Caudy, M., Mangone, M., Day, A., Nickerson, E., Stajich, J.E., Harris, T.W., Arva, A., and Lewis, S. (2002) The generic genome browser: a building block for a model organism system database. Genome Research 12:1599-610. GMOD website:

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