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This work has been funded in part by NSF grant 0604336
For more information, see The Solanum Trichome Project
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Reference: McDowell, E.T., Kapteyn, J., Schmidt, A., Li, C., Kang, J.H., Descour, A., Shi, F., Larson, M., Schilmiller, A., An, L., Jones, A.D., Pichersky, E., Soderlund, C.A. and Gang, D.R. (2011) Comparative functional genomic analysis of Solanum glandular trichome types, Plant Physiol, 155, 524-539. Link

Species-specific assemblies
(follow links to the EST assembly and analysis for each species)

Species Cultivar Librariesa (#ESTs)b #ESTs #Contigs #Singletons
Common tomato
Type1 (831), Type7 (791)
Type6 (225k), Stem (278k)
507626 28475 53366
Currant tomato
LA1589:Type6 (227k) 227505 12548 30565
Wild tomato
Type1 (978), Type4 (1425), Type6 (224k), Leaves (108k)
Type6 (15000)
349539 16905 30197
Wild tomato
LA0716: Type4 (1277), Type6 (1137), Leaves (276k) 278343 18871 29107
Wild tomato
S.arcanum (S.peruvianum)
LA1708:Stem (415k) 415559 24437 46162
   aAll libraries are from the trichomes of leaves except for stem, which is the total trichomes from stem.
   bThe numbers with a "k" (for 1000's) are 454 data, whereas the others are Sanger.

Summary of Type information
     Same type/same species involving 454 were assembled into consensus sequences for use in Cross species assemblies above.

Type Species (#ESTs) #ESTs
Type1 lyc (831), hab (978) 1809
Type4 hab (1425), pen (1277) 2702
Type6 lyc (225k), pim (227k), hab (224k+15000), pen (1137) 691k
Type7 lyc (791) 791
Total trichomes leaves pen (275k), hab (108k) 386k
Total trichomes stem lyc (278k), arc (415k) 693k

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